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Western Hills Little League (WHLL) relies greatly on the generous contributions made by individuals, families, and private sector businesses through our Sponsorship program. 

These contributions help offset the cost of running our league and keep our registration dues affordable.

In addition, the Friends of WHLL Sponsorship is driving our ongoing capital improvement program which improves the five baseball fields we currently maintain and is funding our drive to build new fields at the Baldwin tract.

WHLL offers several sponsorship opportunities:

  • Baseball Sponsorship ($50 per season),
  • Team Sponsorship ($375 per season),
  • Signage at Baseball Fields (12 months of advertising),
  • Dugout Sponsorship ($7,500 for 12 months of advertising), and
  • Friends of WHLL Sponsorship (for the League’s ongoing capital improvement program)

Thank you for your interest in supporting WHLL.


Please Click Here To Enter the Sponsorship Registration Portal
and to make your payment online!


For more questions about Sponsorships, please contact:

Jay Winetroub