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Q:  Where is WHLL located?
Western Hills boundary map can be located here. All practices and games will be played at either Hatley Fields, 1st Street Fields, or Joseph Field @ WAYA. For more information, and locations of each field please visit our Fields and Facilities page.


Q:  What are the official divisions for Little League baseball & the divisions for Western Hills baseball?
Your player’s “baseball age” can be found using the official Little League® Age chart found here.

*Please note* WHLL follows the 2024 LITTLE LEAGUE® official age chart for every player. WHLL will not place any player "up" or "down" into a different division.

Q:  How are teams formed?
For players participating in Majors  & Minors, teams are formed by a player evaluation followed by a coach-led draft. *Please note* For Majors and Minors, there are no teams based on school, team history, preference, buddy request or any other type of request. All draft decisions are final.

For players participating in T-ball, Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch, teams are formed directly by the Commissioner and Coaches. Teams will be formed primarily based on school and previous coach history. There are no tryouts.
*Please note* It is very important that parents submit elementary school information during the registration process to help build teams more efficiently.


Q:  May I request for my child to play with a certain coach and/or with friends?
For players with ages 4 to 6, we will do our best to accommodate requests to play with a coach (presuming he or she is coaching in the child’s division) or with friends, but we cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.  Please note that most of the teams are formed with the players school in mind, so chances are you will be on a team with school mates. Please email with any Coach requests.

Q:  Can baseball players “play down” a division?
WHLL does not allow playing-down a division.

Q:  What is a typical practice/game schedule for my division?
Schedules are not determined until after registration is closed and teams are formed.
• Practices usually start 2-3 weeks before games begin. Practices will be the same day and time each week.

  •  Games can be any day of the week except Sunday.
  • Saturday games will start between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  • Weekday games will start between 5:30 and 7:30 pm.
  • Expect games to run ~2 hours. Coaches will ask that kids show up 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the game to warm up.

• Games will be scheduled on different days of the week. (For example, your season schedule will not be "Games on Thursdays." Games could be Monday one week, Tuesday the next week, ect.)

 Q: How do I register for Western Hills Softball?
Western Hills Softball is operating under their own website! Visit for league information and registration details.

Q:  Does Western Hills Little League offer financial aid to help with registration fees?
Yes.  Financial aid is available for families residing within league boundaries and who are experiencing financial hardships.  Please contact our registration team at to request assistance.

Q:  What forms of payment does WHLL accept?
Registration fees may be paid with either MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit cards.

Q:  What equipment do I need to provide?
WHLL will provide a jersey and cap to each player, and coaches will have access to team catcher’s gear (as appropriate).  Players are responsible for providing their own baseball pants and shoes. Players are also responsible for their own glove, bat, and batting helmet.  WHLL requires players to use batting helmets with a face guard and bat barrels cannot exceed 2 5/8 inches in diameter. Bats must also be compliant with the Little League standards (USA Bats)

Q: Has the price increased for registration?
Yes.  Please see the attached letter from our President and Board of Directors. Please click here.


Q:  May I purchase a sponsorship online?
Yes! You may utilize our website to purchase team sponsorships, field signs and to make a “Friend of WHLL” donation.  If you have questions or special requests, please contact our Sponsorship Team by email (  We thank you in advance for your support!