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Spring Registration Is Officially Open



Wednesday, December 22, 2021

  • Registration opens for ALL divisions

Sunday, January 30, 2022

  • Registration closes for ALL divisions

Weekend of February 12-13, 2022

  • Tryouts for MP8, Minors and Majors ( more details on specific dates/times for each division will be posted closer to tryouts )

Monday, February 28, 2022

  • Practices begin for ALL divisions

Monday, March 7, 2022

  • Regular Season games begin

What Division Is My Player In:

Fall baseball is considered an instructional league, and is when WHLL moves players up to the division they will be playing in the following spring. We use the official Little League age brackets that can be found hereAGE IS BASED ON CHILDS AGE AUGUST 31, 2022

Divisions By Age

League age 11-12: Majors

League Age 9-10: Minors

League Age 8: MP8

League Age 7: MP7

League age 6: Coach Pitch

League Age 4-5: T - Ball




How Are Teams Formed:

How Are Teams Formed:
For players participating in the Majors (Age 11-12), Minors (Age 9-10), and Machine Pitch (MP) 8 (Age 8) Divisions, all teams are formed by a two-part process: a player evaluation followed by a coach-led draft. Evaluations are organized by Division. (Please note that “kid pitch” begins in the Minors Division age 9-10.) Players registered for Majors, Minors or MP 8 participate in a one-day evaluation where they hit, run, field, and throw while coaches privately rank their abilities. Afterwards, coaches  participate in a draft where players are slotted by assessed talent levels and drafted accordingly. All draft decisions are final. Furthermore, Majors and Minors teams are divided into four (4) classifications of talent levels:

Single-A (ages 9-10)

Double AA (ages 9-10)

Triple AAA (ages 11-12)

and Majors (ages 11-12).

For example, all 9- and 10-year-olds are eligible to be drafted by a Single A or Double AA team. Double AA coaches draft their respective teams of 9–10-year-olds first. The 9–10-year-old players not drafted during the AA draft will then be drafted at the subsequent Single-A draft. The same process is followed in the 11–12-year-old Majors Division where “Majors” coaches draft their teams first and the remaining players are drafted during the AAA draft. Please note, International Little League rules require all 12-year-olds to play “Majors.” As a general result (but certainly not a requirement), most 9-year-olds end up being drafted for Single A teams, most 10-year-olds end up drafted by AA teams, most 11-year-olds are drafted by AAA teams and all 12 years must play Majors. That said, a few of the more experienced/advanced players 9-year-olds will be drafted to play for AA teams. To be clear, at the MP 8, Minors, and Majors Divisions, there are no teams based on school, history, preference, buddy request or any other type of request. It is a pure “draft”, and all draft decisions are final. Players will undoubtedly end up on a team with players from different schools and/or different parts of the city. There are no “pre-determined” teams. For players participating in the T-ball, Coach Pitch, and Machine Pitch (MP) 7 Divisions, there  are no try-outs/evaluations. Teams are formed directly by the Commissioner and Coaches and are based primarily on school and/or previous player/coach history (i.e. – if a player played for a certain coach at the T-Ball level, there’s a decent chance that coach will request that player again at the Coach Pitch level). It is very important that parents submit elementary school information during the registration process because that helps build teams more efficiently. Also, coaches/parents at the T-ball, Coach Pitch, and Machine Pitch (MP) 7 Divisions are encouraged (but not required) to form teams. That said, and to be clear, there is not an official “buddy request” system. Final team formation decisions at the T-Ball, Coach Pitch and MP 7 level are made by Commissions/Coaches.

The number of teams in each Division is determined by the number of players that register. The League prefers to limit teams to 11 players maximum. For example, if 100 Age 8 players register, there will probably be ten (10) teams at the MP 8 level. Lastly, please note, requests for a player to play “up” or “down” a Division are not honored by Western Hills Little League. 

How do I get involved:

There are several ways you can help WHLL, but the two best ways to go about it are usually 1) your time or 2) financial sponsorship. Coaches and sponsors are our largest need every season. We are a volunteer based organization and the easiest way to volunteer is by coaching. Registration for coaching roles will open at the same time player reg opens. If you'd rather explore opportunities to sponsor a team or at a larger league wide level, there are several options that will be available on our site soon. 







Tball      Aaron Jarrett


CP           Gabe Dennison


MP7       Oscar Llarena


 MP8      Brad Badgley


A/AA           Brandon Aghamalian


AAA       Scott Saltsman


Majors  Jeff Saikin






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